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A Community for NBC's Kings
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This is a community for the NBC series, Kings
Kings is a modern re-telling of the biblical David and Goliath story.
Official Kings Site

3 Rules to Live By
--There will be absolutely no Actor/Character bashing in this community.

--Tag all entries.

--Post ALL episode review/recaps/commentary in the official discussion threads, any individual entries will be deleted.

Community Rules

1. There will be absolutely no Actor/Character bashing in this community. Any posts containing such material will be deleted and the member banned with no second chances. The same rule apply to flamers, respect other peoples opinions or get banned.

2. For the time being we accept all fan art, fan vids, and fics pertaining to the show here. This may change when the fandom grows. Any adult material should be clearly marked and under cut.

3. Graphics and photos over 400 pixels wide should go behind an LJ cut, as should all embedded videos.

4. Do not post links to locked journals.

5. Do not disable comments on a post.

6. Do not post requests for links to watch the episode online. Join the community.

7. We don't accept posts that are gossip, i.e. about who is dating whom, etc.

8. Remember to please keep all episode reviews and comments IN THE EPISODE DISCUSSION POSTS.

9. If you would like to promote a new community or website then please contact one of the moderators.

Spoiler policy : There is a one week spoiler policy. Please place all spoilers behind cut.



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